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At Sraddha Coffee Roasting Company, we work diligently to bring in the best coffee we can find for our customers.  Quality and sustainability have always been the cornerstones for our selections and we will always work towards improving our offerings as we grow as a business.  It is our goal to work as closely with the farmers and workers as possible; whether through other roasters, cooperatives, or other distributers, we always want to make sure the coffee we use is fair and economical for those who cultivate and work towards providing it for us and our customers.



Our partners:  We source our green coffees from several different partners.  Below these include:




Café Kreyol

Café Kreyol was started in 2012 with the same ideals as us; that quality and sustainability are symbiotic.  They practice that belief by offering high quality coffee and paying their contacts as much as 300% more than even Fair Trade pays for it.  Their coffees are 100% transparent and traceable from the farm to your cup


Burundi Gaharo

Origin: Burundi

Region:  Gaharo Hill

Elevation: 1800 Meters Above Sea Level

Producer:  Network of Individual Farmers

The sprawling Gaharo region was cultivated slightly later than other regions in the area.  When farmers first arrived, there was no one to welcome them; only empty land waiting to be farmed. As farmers began to work the land and plant crops, the hill was named to mean “We are full” in Kirundi (the local language of Burundi). Today, over 600 farming families live in Gaharo.  The coffee is an Arabica; Heirloom Bourbon with natural Jackson hybrid with flavors of black cherry and dark chocolate/ smooth, creamy body/ bright grapefruit finish.


Organic Dominican Ramirez Estate

Origin: Dominican Republic

Region:  Jarabacoa

Elevation: 1400 Meters Above Sea Level

Producer:  The Ramirez Estate

The Ramirez Estate is a well-rounded jewel from the Dominican Republic that is bold, low acid and offers a more complex but balanced taste consisting of toast, nuts and walnuts. Truly an exceptional coffee not found anywhere else in the Caribbean!


Organic Haitian Blue

Origin: Haiti

Region: Don Don

Elevation: 1200 Meters Above Sea Level


Grown at a high altitude of Haiti's tropical mountain region. It is the same varietal as Jamaican Blue Mountain and Cafe Kreyol is utilizing it to create sustainable jobs in Haiti. This coffee imparts notes of almonds and butter and has a smooth finish typical of island profile coffees. Watch out, it goes down smooth but contains quite a bit of caffeine!


Mexican Maragarturra Chiapas

Origin: Mexico

Region:  Chiapas

Elevation: 1600 Meters Above Sea Level

Producer:  Fincas Fimilarias Bravo

Grown in Siltapec, Mexico and located in the Chiapas region. It is a cross-breed between Caturra and Maragogype. Caturra gives the plant a smaller size with a higher yield and the Marigogype gives a very sweet finish with a silky body and taste. The elevation is about 1600 meters above sea level. This cross breed was selected because it is resistant to the "leaf rust" that is plaguing coffee farms everywhere.


Organic Nicaragua San Juan Del Rio

Origin: Nicaragua

Region:  San Juan del Rio Coco

Elevation: 1200 Meters Above Sea Level

Producer:  Unión de Cooperativas Agropecuarias de San Juan del Río Coco

UCA San Juan del Rio Coco is a union of eight smaller cooperatives with a total membership of 370 small coffee producers from the highlands surrounding the town of San Juan del Rio Coco in Northern Nicaragua.  The cooperative produces a top quality washed Nicaraguan coffee, which typically features nutty and black-tea like aromas with creamy texture that makes it versatile and delicious across a range of roasting uses.



Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, LLC, is a social enterprise that, in addition to its own farm (Finca Idealista), works directly with coffee producers in Nicaragua to connect them with roasters abroad.  It obtains higher prices for producers while carrying out sustainable development projects in communities.  Gold Mountain treats coffee farms like fine wine vineyards, using refractometers and a constant presence on partner farms during picking to ensure perfectly-ripe coffee cherry picking.  The result is consistently high-cupping coffees. Through their efforts, they give back by buying rainforests in order to protect them and help educate local women.


Nicaragua – Don Francisco

Origin: Nicaragua

Region:  Jinotega

Elevation: 1470 Meters Above Sea Level

Producer:  El Diamante

Don Francisco (Farm: El Diamante): Don Francisco and his wife Blanca Nieve (Snow White) live very high up in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua (1470 meters) completely off the grid. They have their own solar power and natural spring water. They consistently produce exceptional quality coffee and leave a portion of their farm in its natural, forest state to protect natural spring water that bubbles up on their land. They are at such a high altitude that their coffee is harvested two months after the rest of the country’s coffee due to the colder climate and increased cloud cover in their farm’s microclimate. We work especially hard with Don Francisco and offer him financing, which he has already invested into improving his pickup truck, solar power, house and housing for a few workers, kitchen, coffee processing equipment, and the very steep road to his house. Don Francisco and his wife have five children and two grandchildren. Official tasting notes of the coffee list the following characteristics: Chocolate, maple syrup, fruit, creamy, balanced, medium acidity, nice body, caramel.


 Nicaragua – Flor Project

Origin: Nicaragua

Region:  Jinotega

Elevation: 1470 Meters Above Sea Level

Producer:  Galilea

Flor Project (Farm: Galilea): Melving and his wife Maria Francisco have been producing coffee for more than 30 years at the top of a mountain range in Jinotega, Nicaragua.  Their coffee farm is the economic anchor for their kids, Florde Maria,  MelvingAngel, Juan, Geremia, Rethania Edith, Samanta Asarela, Moises Elias, and Ginner Odorico.WemetMelvingthroughhisdaughter,  FlordeMaria,  whoisahousekeeperforoneof ourstaff. We discovered that his family was about to lose their prized heirloom Maragogype to disease and economic neglect. We swooped in with our own farm staff and nursed the coffee back to health, resulting in a rare nanolot (full ofawonderful apple-like malic acidity) that we shipped to a roaster in the UK. Melving also produces excellent Caturra and Catuai, which after our first cupping in 2016 we discovered has an extremely-high body.  Melving’s main goal in life is to pay the university fees of his kids so that they can earn their own incomes and find their way in life.  So far some of his kids have been more successful than others with pursuing their degrees.  Official tasting notes of the coffee list the following characteristics: Baking chocolate, tart cranberry juice, cream-like body; You could cut it with a knife.


 Nicaragua – Sabino

Origin: Nicaragua

Region:  Jinotega

Elevation: 1400 Meters Above Sea Level

Producer:  La Fuente (The Source)

Sabino (Farm: La Fuente): Sabino lives in a small village of farmers who produce both coffee and vegetables at the highest altitudes of Jinotega.  When you visit his farm you may still see him using two oxen to pull a cart or to plow a field before planting.  He has abundant raised beds for both drying coffee and selecting out imperfections.  Gold Mountain Coffee Growers worked with Sabino’s father before he passed away recently, and Don Sabino hopes to continue his father’s coffee farming legacy.  The attention he pays to the many details involved with coffee production bodes well for his ability to consistently produce high-scoring microlots.  Don Sabino aspires to plant more coffee and to implement new and more efficient techniques.  He says that these improvements would allow him to hire more workers and make renovations on his farm, which has excellent altitude and climatological conditions for coffee production.  Official tasting notes of the coffee list the following characteristics:  Red candied syrup, sugar, red candy cherry, sweet! red lifesaver! Perfect sweetness red cherry, malic acidity light.



 Zephyr Coffee

Zephyr Coffee is currently our only source for commodity coffee.  We make all efforts to purchase high quality and sustainable coffee from them until we are able to move to 100% direct trade.


Rainforest Alliance Certified El Salvador Cuzcachapa

Tasting notes include:  Bold and earthy with a dark chocolate finish.


Fair Trade Organic Natural Process Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Tasting notes include:  Smooth with blueberries, chocolate, nuts.


Organic Guatemalan Adisque

Tasting notes include:  Smooth with rich chocolate and nuts.


Organic Swiss Water Process Peruvian Decaf

Tasting notes include:  Smooth with deep chocolate notes.


We believe in developing unity and cooperation in our community.  To achieve this, we work with as many local businesses and other organizations as we can.  Some provide us with services, others with products that we cannot produce on our own, still others may just be friends of ours that we work with, and then there's others who help us promote our region and work with us to help make our community better.  Below you can find some of our partners and links to their websites or pages.



Biscotti by the Bunch, LLC

Champaign Paper

Darby's on 59

Deli Ohio

Hartzler Family Dairy

Drubel Artistic Endeavors

Keene Creek Farm

Kneuss Family Farm

Little Slice of Heaven Cabins

Mr. McGillicutty Art Studios

Pearl Valley Cheese


Quince Bakery and Cafe

Shady Grove Greenhouse

Steineck's Doughnuts and Cakes


Sweet Meadows

Swiss Village Bulk Foods

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